Grimm's Law, a project from Trouble in the Wind guitarist and vocalist Keith Haman, draws from his passion for 
rock n roll, punk and post punk modern rock. The roots of the album, a couple years in the making, started as a 
country record while working with Trevor Mulvey (bassist and vocalist from Trouble in the Wind), and friend Jay 
Morris (drums) but evolved into a heavier folk-rock record, with all members of Trouble in the Wind participating. 
By late 2018 however, Haman had a handful of faster, punk and post-punk influenced songs and started demoing 
them. “I'd lay down some simply recorded drums and put everything else on top” Keith continues, “I gave them to 
Trevor and Robby from Trouble, and we agreed to work on polishing some of the rough edges but left some in for 
good measure”. Haman played, tracked and mixed everything on the new album. 
Keith Haman explains the music; “This record allowed me to really explore my punk and ‘alternative’ influences, a 
departure from the straight-ahead Americana, Young/Dylan sound, which is usually my go-to. The '70s rock of 
Bowie, Television, and The Clash, the '80s punk of Black Flag, Circle Jerks, and Bad Religion, and later sounds of 
Mudhoney and Sonic Youth, all were influences on me growing up”. 
Haman’s creative works still include folk elements that are present in his work with Trouble in the Wind. Keith 
wrote the song “Liberty Bell” on the bands recent release “Hammer On”. On Grimm’s Law, songs like “Embossed” 
and “Method Madness” maintain some of these folky, gritty elements. Haman believes his deliberate-but-quick 
method in writing and recording ties the different songs and styles together. The lyrical themes contained in the 
album are of a world in transition. 
Haman hopes the message in the song call people to stand up and think about the apparent rise of some form of 
whimpering fascism happening around the globe. About the direction of the album he states, “We're all interacting 
with this and dealing with it in some form every day, and a lot of these songs are my doubts about the social order 
and cultural decay we as a whole have become a part of, as well as completely beholden to; Plus there's a song or 
two in there about girls”, smiles Haman. 
 The self-titled album releases on In Your Neighborhood Music everywhere on April 27 th , 2019 
 First Video and Single release March 8 th for “Iridescent Naked Light”. 
 Video premieres on 
 Grimm’s Law opens for Dead Soft and Goon at Soda May on April 10th



My playing has been featured on various professional recordings; I don't kiss and tell. I specialize in pedal steel, guitars, and all manner of vocals but I've been known to lend my hand with the piano, bass, mandolin, drum kit and more. Email me if you'd like me to play on your stuff!


I've been doing guitar work for over a decade and I will gladly take your unplayable, no-name '60s Japanese arch-top and shape it to your hands. Quick turn-around, honest appraisals. I speak your guitar's language.


     Hi I'm Keith. I've been writing, performing and recording since I was 15. I was born and raised in North San Diego County and am back living here after some time in the New York City/Brooklyn area. I play pedal steel and six-string guitar for the band Trouble In The Wind from Carlsbad, CA. As a solo artist I've released two full length albums, a handful of EPs, and am currently working on my third long player, which is shaping up to be my strongest effort yet by a wide margin. I've been humbled and honored to play with many talented musicians over the years, including the bands Grizzly Circus, The Emersons, and as part of the San Diego Music Award winning country-rock group The Hideaways. 
     I'm into anything roots and rock related as long as it's honest, raw, and real. If you like what you hear, buy a CD or download and help me make the next one. If you'd like me to play guitar, pedal steel, or anything else on your tunes, shoot me an email, I'm a pretty easy going guy.